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Air Conditioning Installation Pretoria

We are a dedicated team to providing air conditioning services throughout Pretoria. Furthermore, we focus on Air Conditioning Installation Pretoria, Repairs, and Servicing. Moreover, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide more than just installation or delivery of air conditioning and heating products. We only use the parts and equipment of the finest quality and best spare parts and so we give after repair or services 3 months warranty on all workmanship as well as parts. Additionally, We also provide competitive prices.  If you choose our services, there is no charge for a call out fee. However should a quote be rejected on site, a call out fee of R150 should be paid on site. 

Why do you need an air conditioner?

Air Conditioning Installation Pretoria help with regulating the room temperature to reach the best condition. It supplies us with control features to control and maintain the ideal temperatures. People in a room together generate a lot of heat. Human heat, together with external heat is another reason to get an air-con. Electrical appliances play an important role in generating heat inside a room and raising temperatures to uncomfortable conditions.


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How do I know I need to service my air-con?

 If it fails to blow out refreshingly cold air and blows out warm air instead, Knewcool will be at your service.

The thermostat communicates with the AC about the amount to generate cold air. If it is not working correctly, runs and shuts off after a few minutes, or does not turn on at all. Contact us, click here or call: 0848398377.

Your Air conditioning shouldn’t be making any loud noise inside.
If you feel cool air when you turn your air conditioner on, but coming out very weakly, making it impossible to circulate through the room.

If your air conditioner has strange odors when you switch it on, the smell may indicate burnt wires. Leaking around the AC Unit may indicate a refrigerant leak or a broken or blocked tube that disposes of condensation.

Air conditiong repairs Pretoria

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