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Cold Room Maintenance Pretoria

A cold room or a refrigeration chamber is a warehouse with a specific artificially temperature. Furthermore, it stores products in an environment below the outside temperature. Moreover, cold rooms are also for engineering products to store chemicals at oversee temperature for processing or slowing down chemical reactions.

Cold rooms are convenient for:

Goods reception

Businesses must have a cooling system for crucial cases. Such as receiving raw materials, which will be stored in different points.

Storage and products handling

Allow an increase in production as well as marketing. Also extending shelf life and enabling the transformation of products.

Products display.

It is common to use Walk-in or Reach in-doors, which allow the final consumer to access products and. At the same time, have a much more attractive point of sale.

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Cold Room Maintenance Pretoria, Service, and Repairs.

Most importantly, the common issues with a cold room you have to look out for. Not only that but also ensure that your cold room remains in perfect condition are listed below. 

    • Icing up too much – Ice buildup on the air vent or evaporator coils in a cold room indicates at least one underlying problem and the need for professional maintenance.
    • Tripping the power – A tripped circuit breaker or blown-fuse may be the cause of the power outage to your cold room. Power tripping could also be wiring issues or a control board problem. 
    • Temperature Too High – A cold room that’s overloaded with the product or has frost buildup on the evaporator may start getting too warm. Cold rooms or coolers that are excessively used (with frequent door opening) can also experience this problem.
    • Not cooling well enough or blowing hot air
    • Leaking.
    • The door does not close well.
    • Making a loud noise.

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