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Fridge Gas Refill Pretoria

Fridge gas is also called the refrigerant. And sometimes it runs out, and when this happens, you need to call Fridge Repair services for Fridge Gas Refill Pretoria. 

Signs That Tell You That Your Fridge Has Run Out of Gas

  • The build-up of ice in the refrigerator section is the first sign of low gas.
  • A moldy odor is the most evident sign that you are running out of gas.
  • Large blocks of ice keep forming in the freezer, taking up most of your space.
  • Continuous sweating and water dripping show that your gas has run out.
  • Your fridge will be noisy and smelling bad and eventually, stop and shut down.
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Here is how we can help you.

We will refill your fridge or freezer with the right type of gas. Knewcool also provides regular maintenance on your fridge. A well-functioning fridge with no issues will operate much more energy efficiently. Our maintenance includes removing pipe and filter blockages and many more.

Our fridge repair services include the following:

1. Fridge re-gas.

2. Replacing torn or damaged fridge door rubbers.

3. Fridge Thermostat replacement.

4. Fridge compressor replacement.

5. Freezer Thermostat replacement.

6. Freezer compressor replacement.

7. Side by side refrigerator not cooling.

8. Fridge not switching on after power surge.

9. Freezer, fridge door handle broken.

10. Light not switching on.

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