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Microwave Repairs Pretoria

Microwave ovens are a common kitchen appliance, and they are known for reheating previously cooked foods and cooking different kinds of foods. Microwave Repairs Pretoria present fewer risks of burns when used. They use less energy than a cook-stove and less time. Also it takes up little space in the kitchen. You can set the temperature precisely and control it while preparing your food.

When to call knewcool for repairs:

Takes longer to heat food. Settings haven’t been changed, but your food is taking longer to cook. Loss of heat could be electrical, or it could be due to damaged seals.

Touchpad not working properly.  Nothing happens when you hit Start, or certain keys don’t function, the touchpad may need to be removed and either cleaned or replaced.

Makes strange noises. Appliances sometimes get noisier with age. A microwave can make an extra sound if the carousel is off-balance. Food stuck in the turn-table, or something is touching the sides or top of the unit. Microwave making strange knocking noises or buzzing louder than usual when these three issues are not present may be a serious problem.

You punch in the cooking time, press Start and get nothing but a loud buzzing. This could mean a defective power diode, high voltage capacitor, or magnetron. Call Knewcool immediately.

Behaves strangely. Your microwave may display some of these malfunctions:

    • The outside becomes very hot
    • Light won’t go off when the door is closed
    • The oven won’t stop cooking when the timer ends
    • Using it trips circuit breakers or blows fuses
    • Do not hesitate to contact us, if your machine can be repaired, we are your destination of choice for quick, prompt service at a quality price.
microwave oven repairs in Pretoria
microwave oven repairs Pretoria
microwave repairs Pretoria

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